Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heidi is now a BIG GIRL!

Before we went to salt lake we took down the baby crib. Heidi didn't climb out of it but we figured it would be a good trip to take it up with us since we were taking the truck. So, bye bye baby crib. Heidi didn't know what to think. She kept saying her crib is going to grandpa woof woofs house. We brought back Maegans old house bed. Heidi was SO excited when we put it together. The first night she didn't want to go to sleep and kept getting out. (I was thinking...oh no the freedom of putting her down and knowing she will stay is gone) But now she takes her naps good (we still have to have the primary songs playing when she naps and her bed time lullaby when she goes to sleep) She LOVES her bed. Allie likes to sleep with her. It's a twin size bed. She has such a cute room. We put the little kitchen in there, and her make up vanity and her other toys. It's cute how much she likes to play in her room now. She is so excited about her room. We were glad Paris was done with the bed and now she can have her turn and then Jamie. It's so fun to be able to share with family. :)

Maegan's Big Solo!

Maegan was in Honors Choir last year and she wanted to do a solo but was really scared... so we talked her into trying to try out so she did! SHE MADE IT! she sang two solos in the song popular from wicked. she did a great job!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Dansies house!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Dansies house! I brought my friend Lexi up there!
We had the funnest time! Me and lexi really wanted to go and do baptism's at the Salt Lake Temple and allie wanted to go walk around temple square. After that Grandpa took us to eat at the Nauvoo cafe' it was so good! We went to the top of the Joseph Smith Building and took pictures of the kids with the temple behind us. they are so precious!

Our WaterSlide!

Our water slide we got last year broke so my mom and Jillian our neighbor across the street went and got a new really fun one! The kids love when we put it up we have like the whole neighborhood over here! it is really fun and when we need to cool down it is the perfect way to do it!

Allie's Baptism!

Well Allie turned big 8! she was so excited to get baptised! Her and her friend Matt Gotfredson were the only two in the stake that got baptised that day! They have been Bf's since they were just little babies. so it was very exciting for them!
Then allie and matt during the opening excersises sang the song from the children's song book, "i know when i am baptised" they did it so beautifully. and I (maegan) played the violin also during the song!
Josh gave a talk and Nate (matts brother) also gave a talk so it was the brothers talking. After we went up to the santa clara park and had a lunch/ dinner for the two! we had families from our ward come and celebrate. She had a very special day!

allie wanted her hair like my mom's was for her baptism!

Mom it's been way to long.....

This is Maegan Mom, I am going to update your blog. It has been way to long. So if you want me to, I will update it for you okay. Love ya :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

High School Musical Karaoke Night

For Family night last night we had a fun time. First we had a nice barbecue dinner out on the
back porch. It was fun to enjoy the afternoon shade and pretty Pine Valley Mountains. Then the kids wanted to go swim next door while Rob was finishing wire the pool up. So they did and it was very cold but they still had fun.

Then AJ and Stephanie came over and we had a karaoke night. They each took turns singing songs on the Wii from High School Musical. It was fun to see them perform with each other. It's so fun having cousins live close.